Saturday, November 19, 2011

3 and 4 Months Old

 Jeff and I have been married for officially 3 months or 91 days yesterday. Personally the 91 seems like a huge number and I can't believe how much time has gone by. We couldn't be happier and I can't imagine not being married. We are really busy this semester with work and school, but I know next semester will be worse. We will make it work. We spent last night eating sushi and going to see Breaking Dawn part 1. Jeff didn't enjoy the movie, but was a good sport for taking me. It wasn't my favorite and was a little slow paced. The next one should be good though. What did everyone else think about it? I also hated her wedding dress in the movie, mainly the front of it. I've lost my Twilight fascination I guess. I can't wait for Hunger Games to come out in March and for The Immortal Instruments. If you haven't read that serious and liked the Hunger Games Series I highly recommend it. The first book is called City of Bones.

Scuba Diving
We are currently planning a 10 day vacation to Hawaii this summer and I can't wait! Jeff has never been and has been dying to go scuba diving. We are also going to California in the spring with my family and Lake Powell with his in the summer. Plus, I know there will be weekend trips to Vegas, St. George, and varies camping trips. This next year will be filled with great memories and lots of travel. 

My paradise
Pearl Harbor

Such a beautiful resort
I love camping and can't wait to take Oakley!
 .I am loving this holiday season and can't wait for Christmas. It won't be a huge Christmas this year in our home and we would rather save our money for our upcoming trips. We are going to do some small little gifts for each other and then one bigger gift for both of us. We will be able to be part of each of our family parties and dinners. I even am thinking of planning a couple's holiday party at our house. Not sure if that will happen, but that's the plan. 

Oakley is officially 4 months old and is getting bigger by the second. Today we spent the day playing and learning roll over. It amazes me how smart he is. He experienced snow for the first time last night and this morning. I was hoping he would love it and jump around in it, but instead he hated it. He doesn't like cold and wet I guess. Maybe when we get more snow he will enjoy it, only time will tell.
Love Always,

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