Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween @ Our House

Every year for Halloween, we all enjoy ripping out the guts out of pumpkins. We bake the seeds and turn the insides into a delicious treat. Once we have our hollowed shell we proceed to stab and saw intricate designs.  We do all of this to light up their insides for the admiration of others. This year was no different in the Edminster household. Every year we each carve a pumpkin and every year they seem to get more and more detailed. Its a fun tradition we can't wait to share with our children. This year we decided to do 2 pumpkins each because I wanted a pumpkin on each step in front of our house. I failed at taking pictures of us doing it, as it was late at night and we were covered in pumpkin guts. Sorry about the quality of the pictures, they were taken off of Jeff's phone. We need to get a camera. 
Jeff's Clown from Hell
My Evil Spider (though all spiders are evil)

This is the back of my spider pumpkin. It casts a spider web on the wall
I needed a cute pumpkin.
That's Jeff's other pumpkin we failed to take a single shot of that one
We were slow decorating the house for Halloween. In fact my plan was just to focus this year on fall decor that will be for the whole season and next year I would get things for Halloween. After all decorations are just not cheap and we live on a newly wed budget. But this weekend my mom went to R.C. Willey at lunch and bought me a couple decorations on sale. She's too kind. Here is some quick snap shots of our house. I promise I will post a tour of our house soon. Its a work in progress. 
Outside our door with all the decorations. I'll give you close ups.

This is Herman my tarantula

My motion activated Skeleton Albert. He screams in his cage "let me outta here" and his eyes light up

A bigger shot of Albert

Our bloody window (bad picture)They glowed red I promise
My lovely fall wreath, it got attacked by the spiderwebs...they will be off as of today

This is on the right side of our TV. I love my crow & pumpkin
My candle festive fall on the left side of our TV

So the crows my mom bought. I made the love sign before we got married.

Told you they glowed red...

My leaves above the cabinets in my kitchen
Decorations are still slim, but I'm working on it. I have plans for more and I will post them as they happen. Anyways, Sunday night we had Jeff's parents and brother over for dinner. We hadn't had the chance to have them over with scheduling conflicts. I made 2 roasted chickens (for the first time), cranberry sauce, stuffed jack-o-lantern peppers, garlic mash potatoes, and for dessert I made from scratch a pumpkin cheesecake (also for the first time). It turned out amazing and you can find my recipes at my new food blog Love Is All You Knead. Here are a few shots of the dinner though. 
Preparing the seasoning and flavor bits for the chickens: onions, cranberries, apples, herbs, etc
Waiting for the cranberries to "POP"

Our carved pepper faces. (from the left) Hill-Billy (K), Vampire (J), crying (K), dead man (K), and Pirate (J)

My roasting chickens half way done
I forgot to take pictures of the cheesecake, because things got a little crazy at that point. It was a delicious dinner and I couldn't have been happier about how things turned out. On Halloween Day I had to work and our friends were going to come out and do dinner and movies, but because it was a school night it didn't happen. Jeff and I spent the night together and it was fun to watch all the little kids at the door. Nobody loved it as much as Oakley. He would sit by the door and just stare at it. If there was too much time between knocks he would look at us and whine. He loves attention and he got plenty from everyone who came to the door. We did dress him up like a clown and he was just beyond cute! He didn't like it at first, but didn't mind it after 10 minutes or so. The video is after we put the costume on him and he freaked!
His first Halloween: 3 1/2 months old
He was so excited

He really loved the trick or treaters

He heard some kids getting close
His spot for the night
A very busy night makes for a very sleepy puppy

Love Always, 


  1. Sooo cute, Katie! You guys go all out! We usually do when we're with family but we were out here this year so our Halloween was pretty tame. Haha! :) It looks like you guys had a ton of fun!

  2. Thanks! It really was a last minute thing. Before that we only had the decorations by the tv and the wreath. My bought that skeleton and that started a chain reaction lol. Most of it was done the day before and the day of Halloween.


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