Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 8: Cookbooks & Cooking Blogs

I love this book. Its so fun!
As far as wedding gifts go some of my favorite things we got were all the different cookbooks. Jeff and I love to cook and experience new food. We always alter recipes to make them better. I also love to bake and recently decided that I wanted to get into decorating cupcakes, cookies, and big cakes. Since we've been married we have tried so many different recipes and most were amazing... some need some work. As I have said I have a food blog called Love is All You Knead... there has just been some issues with getting it started. I swear that by thanksgiving all my recipes I have typed up and are ready to post will be there. {I swear} We are so grateful for all cooking stuff we received as gifts. Out of everything it gets the most use. Jeff's mom even made me a cookbook with all of they're families main recipes and she typed each recipe on a card with a little picture. I really appreciated the time that took, not to mention I can now make my husband's favorite recipes.

I was so excited to get this cupcake decorating book at my family bridal shower. I want to be the lady that has the fun and crazy cute desserts. I want to make awesome cupcakes for my kids parties and for holidays. Crazy, I know. I have always wanted to work at a bakery or for a cake decorator. I think it would be so much fun. I am going to save up to take some cake decorating classes to learn the tricks of the trade... they are just expensive so it'll be a long while until that happens.  A girl can dream right? 

I love getting ideas from other food blogs and seeing what creative things people do. This week I am looking for inspiration for Thanksgiving meal. This is the first year I am cooking every aspect of Thanksgiving by MYSELF!!!!!! Yikes... Jeff has to work this year until 6:30pm and he loves this holiday. I felt bad that he wouldn't get to be part of all the family festivities so I decided that instead I would invite both of my parents to dinner and have it at our house. I love to have people over to our house, but this is a big undertaking. Not to mention Jeff's parents are fantastic cooks so I'm worried that my version of Thanksgiving is going to disappoint him. We'll see how it goes, right? 

Since I am doing it all this year I want to put my own Katie twist to it. I want it to be fun and have some creativeness to it. Of course I would take on sometime even extra on such a huge project, but that is definitely how I approach everything. Go big! I haven't decided all the details yet, but I will have a post about the results. Wish me luck!

Love Always,

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