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Lake Powell July 2013

In July we went on a family vacation that we would never forget. This was the first time in 3 years that Jeff and I were able to go down to Lake Powell. I guess that's the price of being an adult, we had to work the previous summer since we used our vacation time to go to San Diego. Oh and the year before... we got married! I guess that's the best excuse not to go. I think so. Well this trip was a pretty big deal for many reasons. Allison, Jeff's older sister, was visiting from Alaska. She was getting married the week after we got back, so her soon-to-be husband came to join us. I had never met Paul, so it was fun to get to know him. Jeff's oldest sister, Cathy, was getting ready to move back to Italy with her husband, our sweet nephew, and they're soon-to-be born baby. Plus Jeff's parent's next door neighbors came with us. They have kind of been adopted into the family and seem more like family than friends. They have the CUTEST little girls and really made the trip. 

The Soon-to-be Newlyweds
Lake Powell was an adventure from the minute we got there. When we arrived we had arranged to meet Jeff's parents on the beach next to the dock. When we got there we found Jeff's mom had gotten stuck in the sand with the trailer. It took maybe 30 minutes and having to detach the trailer, but we were able to get her out without having to call the park service to be towed. We gathered up everything from my car and started loading it into the boat. When the worst possible thing happened. 

I need to backtrack a little bit, ever since I was little I get this debilitating charlie horses behind my knees. They come sudden and with no warning. They literally drop me to the floor, because my knee locks up and they are excruciatingly painful. As I have gotten older incidents have become less frequent and even a year or so can go by. I used to get them weekly as a child and have been tested for everything under the sun as to why I get them. Anyways, sometimes they occur at REALLY bad times. When I was a sophomore I had fractured my wrist and was cheering in the homecoming game. I went to do an aerial (no hands needed) and right as I prepped it happened. I had to just finish the aerial or just face plant it. Not pleasant. I ended up tearing my lcl and sprained a bunch of other tendons in my knee. I was in a brace for 2 months and physical therapy for 3 months. Again not pleasant. 

I digress... back to Lake Powell
{You can probably tell where this is going}

We had just loaded the last of our stuff into the front of the boat. I had my left leg planted in the mud and my right leg up in the boat, I was waiting for the cooler to be moved before I got completely into the boat. I guess I had locked my left leg and the next thing I know is a extremely sharp pain and my leg just giving out. Unfortunately, my foot was planted in the mud and I fell sideways instead of backwards. I heard three loud pops as I hit the water. I might add I was dressed in sweats and not in swim attire. I knew right away that it was my childhood nightmare again. I couldn't move my leg as it was locked and all I could do was lie in the water screaming in pain. Great way to start a week long trip, right?  Honestly, I thought that once the charlie horse went away I would be fine and maybe at worst a little sore for the rest of the day. Boy was I wrong.  Well it became obvious after a couple minutes that the pain wasn't going away, even after I could start moving my leg a little bit. Jeff helped me get up, but I couldn't put any weight on my leg; not even toe pressure. I cannot remember how I got into the boat to be honest. It was clear I needed to go over to the clinic, which is not in a convenient location I might add. Thanks to my brother-in-laws and father-in-law I was able to get out of the boat and hobble across the dock into our car. When I got to the clinic still in my soaking wet sweats, in 105 degree weather, they did a very brief examination of my leg and said I pulled my hamstring and sprained my knee. They gave me this giant, old-school, gross, yellow foam brace that was far too big and completely pointless. I didn't take a picture, but take my word for it nasty. Plus I got my only saving grace crutches and pain pills. Said I'd be as good as new in a couple days and sent me on my way. This whole time Jeff kept telling me that fortunately I haven't torn anything and how lucky I was. If only. 

Our AWESOME campsite. You can see the private little cove in the background.
{Picture by Allison}
I spent the rest of the day just trying to avoid pain and still enjoying myself. We set up camp in an awesome location, we had our own private beach and cove that was protected from the main bay. We spent the rest of the day just relaxing and just enjoying each others company. Riding in the boat was pretty painful, especially in the bay where there are lots of waves. Jeff made me up a protective barrier of life jackets, pillows, and towels to help absorb the shock of all the waves. I refused to spend the entire trip in the houseboat and unable to have any fun. After the first two days Jeff kept telling me that I'd be okay and I'd be able to do what everyone else was doing by day three. Well it was clear every morning I wasn't getting any better. I still couldn't put any weight on my leg. I was still in a great amount of pain, even with the pain pills. I think I realized before everyone else I wasn't going to be better and able to do what everyone else was doing. I was still determined to ride on the boat and take pictures along the way. I like riding in the boat and am not big into tubing or wakeboarding. I hurt my shoulder years ago and those activities just aggravate it. It was so hot outside I had to get into the water even though I couldn't kick my leg. Fortunately, Jeff's parents had brought a noodle chair that I could sit and float around in. I got pretty good at getting around in the water with that and since they put in a new swim ladder I was able to get in and out of the houseboat with little pain.
The group that went to Rainbow bridge.
{Picture by Allison}
We went down to Rainbow bridge and explored around. The houseboat had a new slide that was the main attraction of the trip.We just enjoyed hanging out in the water with everyone. It was Jeff and his Mom's birthday while we were there. For Jeff's birthday and just for the trip in general we rented a jet ski for the week. Jeff couldn't have been more excited. You know boys and their toys. All the boys turned the jet ski into a contestant, who could get it to the go the fastest. I think the max speed that was reached was 56 mph towards the last day. We also found out Cathy was going to be having a girl, which is what most everyone was hoping for. We loved having the entire family together and sad that it isn't like that all the time. We hope that someday everyone will live in the same state and our kids can be close to their cousins and not see them once a year. Here are some pictures from the trip. 

Eric & David
My handsome husband keeping me company on the boat
Having fun with my camera.
Making a duck face. She was always some kind of animal and always wanted to be in the water
What little girl is not happy with a bubble gun?

I think I spent most of the trip just playing with these little girls. I hope that one day that I have little girls just like these two. They are such sweethearts, super polite, and so smart.
Cathy and Dominic. Can't believe that little boy is going to be a big brother!
What a cutie! He was more than content filling and emptying the cup
FINALLY finding out its a girl!! Coming Sept/Oct 2013 (Cake is pink)
{Picture by Allison}
Obviously he enjoyed his birthday present. They want to rent one every year now. 
Wakeboarding was the favorite pass time during this trip
Allison getting some air!
Some epic crashes happened this trip. Ouch!
David jumping the wake
Everyone had some rough finishes
Jeff exiting the wake. I thought this was a cool shot. 
Jeff practicing his tricks
Jeff had a particularly bad fall and left him with a massive headache for the rest of the day
He blacked out for a minute and was a bit dazed. So Lene jumped in to help him get back in the boat.
After his fall. I think he just didn't want me to feel left out being the only injured person and all
Lene got up his first time wakeboarding and even went out of the wake! 
Eric & Sherridan, parents of the adorable girls. We love these two!! Cutest couple
Jeff and Linda on their birthday. {We bought her the crown to wear}
Jeff's family. Love being part of this family
A huge amphitheater that we loved to go to. It was huge this year since the water is so low
Allison was teaching Paul and David to dive. Showing off her skills
Pauls attempt at a dive
Jeff going backwards and head first down the slide
{Picture by Allison}
David trying the same thing... freaked out right at the end. OUCH!
{Picture by Allison}


  1. Katie,

    I am so sorry that you hurt your leg and couldn't fully participate in your vacation that you waited so long to enjoy! It looks like it was a blast anyway though! Hey, what camera are you using? I bought my Nikon D60 back in 2008 (it was supposedly the best DSLR at the time) but now it is all ancient. It only has 10.2 megapixels. I went into Costco yesterday and saw that the newer compact DSLRs are now at like 24+ megapixels. I'm super bummed because my whole kit was like $1,200.00 and now it's completely outdated. Help! Your pictures look awesome. I especially love the sunglasses!

  2. Thanks! Camera's are a big investment! My camera body is the Canon EOS 60D 18 MP and I have a couple lenses too. I also have used the Canon Rebel T3i and its a great camera. Its hard to keep up with technology and its so expensive.

  3. Thanks, Katie!! I will look into that one. Mine came with a couple of lenses but i think they're getting old, too. Time for an upgrade I guess!

  4. The Rebel T3i is an awesome camera and you can get some really great bundle deals with multiple lenses on Amazon. I went and looked at my camera in person an a camera store, then I bought it on Amazon. It saves a TON from stores, plus you get to look at reviews of tons of people.


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