Sunday, January 23, 2011

Run...Run...Run {AKA No Time to Sleep}

Exhausted, overwhelmed, and I couldn't be happier. As I said in my last post things are changing and changing fast. I work 45 hours a week as a Comcast Account Executive, pretty spiffy title huh ;). I love my new job and the benefits are so amazing. I have so much vacation, holiday, and flex time I can't possibly think how I would use it all (longer honeymoon!) Did I mention I also get free cable and internet (the best packages they offer too). But there are great important benefits as well which is a comforting thought. I just love my new job; the people and the company are amazing.

Since I work during the week I don't have time to get anything done and it all has to be pushed to Saturday. So every Saturday till who knows when is packed filled with running errands trying to plan a wedding and finding a place to live. Fortunately, my mom was willing to follow me around and took me to lunch this week. Running errands isn't so bad when you have someone to tag along. I am going to miss hanging out with my mom so much when I'm married. She's always been there for me and she is my best friend.

Today I was sitting in sacrament meeting today and a girl was speaking about prayer. I have spent so much time praying for my worries and fears to go away and that some of my dreams/hopes to start coming true. This economy has been really hard and this past year was a struggle. I put my faith in heavenly father that he would help me and things would work out in the end. I truly believe that if you believe and want something bad enough it is possible with the help of heavenly father. He will be there to help as long as you are willing to follow his plan and put forth the effort needed to get there.

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