Sunday, January 2, 2011

Days 28-30: Growing through the Last year

Day 28: How I've Changed in the Last year

In the last year I guess reality has really set in as to life as an adult. Jeff and I had originally planned to be married December 4, 2010; but because of the challenges in life we had a couple set backs that caused us to wait longer. It really sucks to have to postpone something you dream of from a really young age and wanting to not have to go home every night. It sucks, but oh well. We have learned how to balance, save, and stick to a budget. We still have some learning in the financial department, but I think everyone young and old has more to learn. We have grown a lot of the past year as a couple. We know where we want to be and how we want to get there. We have finalized what we want to do as careers this past year. Jeff has decided for sure he wants to be a nurse and specialize in something after a couple years. He wants to work with children and would love to work at the University of Utah hospital or Primary Childrens' Hospital (though he does love working at South Davis Community Hospital and might decided to just stay there.) I am discovered my love for teaching this past year and am going to continue to work towards being a teacher. I still have plans to go to law school as that is my true love in life. I might want to do family law or educational law.

Day 29: Makes me Smile
 I love pictures of us dating through the years. This picture is probably one of my favorites. I love remembering our great memories and looking forward to more to come. I love you honey so much and I can't wait to spend eternity with you at my side. You will be an amazing husband and father. 

Day 30: Who we are?
In your 20s I think you really discover who you are or at least who you want to be. I am the daughter of Michelle Longson and Kay Moosman. I love to teach and help others learn. I have a passion for justice and the criminal justice system. I believe in this country and am so proud to be an American. I love to travel and want to discover new places. I am 21 years old, but a kid at heart. I would pick a Disney princess movie over any other movie any day. I love the Harry Potter series (I'm a nerd. ha). I am argumentative and often moody. My feelings get hurt really easily, but I usually won't say and will hold it in. I am a dreamer. But most of all I am me and wouldn't want it any other way. 

Jeff is sweet and kind at heart. He love children and can't wait to have a bunch of kids to play with. He loves his family and friends and would do anything for them. He puts others first above all else. He has a SERIOUS obsession with football. Serious. He is laid back and pretends to not care, when he really does. He is a kid at heart too. He is strong and determined. He holds his emotions in, but you can still tell something is wrong. He is an amazing man and I couldn't imagine my life without him. I am so lucky that he loves me back. He has such a strong heart and testimony and I love that he shares it with me.  

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