Monday, August 30, 2010

Puppy Crazy

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely LOVE puppies. Jeff bought me a sweet little lab puppy when we were down in Cedar City. I was so excited that the place I lived allowed me to have a pet and I was in heaven. Sadly, I was forced to move back to Centerville and where I moved the people are very allergic to dogs. I had to give up my sweet little puppy to a cute family with 3 boys. I know she is happy and they were getting an amazing and really smart dog. Her name is Sammie and I miss her everyday.

Always ready to play
She was kinda a wimp when it came to water... weird for a lab.
However... she loved to attach the sprinklers!

Jeff and I always say the first thing we are going to do when we get married is to get another puppy. It might not happen right away depending on where we find to live, but I personally can't wait to have another puppy. I found this really cute puppy on the internet and it inspired me to get this puppy next.


  1. What kind is the bottom one? Super cute. Me and Jer said as soon as we got engaged we always wanted to have a dog and planned to get one right when we got married...unfortuantely the place we're living in just doesn't allow pets sadly.

  2. Its a collie mix. I am not sure what the other breed is but I think that its a shepard of some sort.


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