Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Reminder Why I am so in Love

Jeff has always been there to support me and to be my rock when I need it most. I honestly can say I do not know what I would do without him, because he is keeps me sane and level headed (most of the time). The other night was just another reminder of why I love him so much. I had been having a horrible day trying to decided to what to do with my work and school schedules for the upcoming semester. I have a class that I have to take and its only offered once a year and I need it for my major. However, my job won't work with my school schedule and I have had to decided what to do. Jeff comforted me and reassured me that school was most important and that I could find another job.

 He knew I had a hard time and was extremely stressed out about the decision and finals for summer semester, so Thursday after work he told me we were going out on a date and to dress nice. He showed up at my house with a bouquet of roses and took me to Corbins, a really nice restraurant in Layton. He then took me to see Charlie St. Cloud, a movie I had wanted to see. It was a great evening and made me feel so much better. I am so lucky and blessed to have him in my life and I just wanted to express some of the reasons I love him so much.
  • I love that we make each other laugh to the point we can't breath
  • He always kisses me goodnight...more than once
  • He love his passion for football, even if it drives me crazy sometimes
  • He is always patient with me
  • He sends me a good morning and I love you text every morning
  • He is always willing to lend a helping hand
  • He is always there to comfort me when I need it the most
  • He has an amazing testimony and belief in our heavenly father
  • He is an awesome cook
  • When he gets this look in his eyes... that he only gets with me
  • He is very laid back
  • Because I know he will be an incredible husband and father
  • He buys me flowers for no reason at all
  • These are the roses he brought over and he had even looked up on the internet how to make them last longer 
  • He never ends a telephone conversation without saying I love you
  • We both get to be goofy together
  • He makes me the happiest person
  • Every night he stays over as late as possible, because he knows I hate when he leaves
  • He is very handsome
  • He is ALWAYS there to support me
  • He cares and loves my family like his own
  • We never really fight, just bicker about stupid things (like a little old couple)
  • He is always trying to be the best he can be
  • He is amazing with kids and can't wait for us to start a family
  • Because I know he loves me more than anything, as I do I
  • And so many other reasons...

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