Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Where Our Story Begins

As a young girl growing up I completely believed in the old, romantic love stories and fairy tales we grow up hearing. I always thought I would find my one true love in some dramatic way that we see in movies and in books. However, it did not happen that way... not even close.

I actually met Jeff when we were both 15. Jeff was a sophomore at Bountiful High and played on the football team. He was known for being crazy and your "typical" teenage boy, not to mention a trouble maker with his friends. He spent his sophomore year going to high school parties, egging, porta-potty tipping (no idea why this is considered fun) and whatever other capers they could find. I was a freshman at South Davis Junior High and spent my school year doing the yearbook and hanging out with friends. I danced at Dance Impressions and that took up a lot of my time outside of school.

Jeff's best friend, Chris, met my best friends Danielle and Makaela in the Spring. Chris had a major crush on Makaela and Jeff was crushing on Danielle. Danielle and I pretty much spent out entire weekends together and one night we were studying for an English test and Jeff called Danielle to hang out. Danielle wasn't by her phone so I answered it pretending to be her, we were often told we sounded alike on the phone. Jeff was trying to get Danielle and Makaela to go to Chris's shop to watch the Notebook (obviously trying to get some bonus points, cause what guys want to watch that movie voluntarily.) I proceeded to tell him who I really was and that we had to study and couldn't go.

Somehow Jeff got my number and a few months later I started getting this random text messages from him and one night he called and wanted to come see me at my house. Thinking how weird that was I said yes, even though I had just gotten into the shower and was getting ready for bed. Jeff and Chris came over and we talked for like a grand total of 10 minutes in my driveway and they left. Nothing special. The next week was Spring break. I had planned to spend the week with my friends, because they're parents were out of town. Jeff called Friday night and wanted to hang out. He was at some random Bountiful High party and wanted us to pick him up, since he couldn't drive ha. We picked him up and right after proceeded to go to A&W where the guy I had liked at the time was working.

After we were left we went to watch a Jeepers Creepers at my friends house. Jeff was a very... forward young man and instantly tried to cuddle with me. I remember thinking he was crazy and weird. Little did I know that after that night we would start dating and end up where we are today: planning a wedding.

P.S. I still think he is a little crazy and weird... just don't tell him. ;-)

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