Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Time of Change and New Beginnings

Things just get better and better. Jeff was recently approached with a promotion and I'm so proud of him. He will be a new restorative aid! Basically, he goes around to all the rooms in the hospital and helps the patients muscles. Jeff has wanted to get into physical therapy for years and years and this is a great move towards that. I am so proud of him and it is just proof of what a hard worker he is. A restorative aid is a coveted position and he got it! Congratulations honey! Now Jeff's work schedule is that he works four days a week, two twelve hour days and two eight hour days. His school schedule was really hard to work out this semester because of the twelve hour days. However, we made it work with really long classes (three hours at a time for three of his classes). Fortunately, we have a class together twice a week which will make it a little easier...hopefully.

I'm really close to graduating and starting my student teaching!! I'm really excited to almost be done with school and get to start my hours in a real classroom. I have spent hours volunteering in Kelly Foster's kindergarten classroom last semester and I plan to continue this semester. However, I'm not exactly excited for my classes this semester. I learned that you shouldn't procrastinate classes you don't want to take, because then you have to take them all in one semester. Plus I have 11 hour days Tuesdays and Thursdays at school, which is going to be a struggle. Oh plus...my laptop isn't working, because of some failed part. Now I'm without my laptop for up to four weeks and with two online classes this would be a horrible situation. Fortunately, Jeff is a sweetheart and let me have his computer while I wait for mine to be fixed.

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