Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 13: Things we Hate

 Honestly how could you not be afraid of these freaky things. I am absolutely terrified...Jeff just hates having to kill them for me (and my mom.)

Worse than snakes. I can honestly say I have a phobia of them...its bad. This particular type of snake is the worse, it haunts me in my nightmares. I went to the zoo with Jeff and this type of snake was all wrapped up in a tree (I didn't know they could climb trees) and it's eyes kept following me. I wanted to faint right then and there. Gross. 

Shoveling and Scraping

I hate to scrape my car off after it snows and I hate shoveling just as much. Now that we have moved up on the bench I hate it even more. We have over 50 steps on the outside and an EXTREMELY steep and slippery driveway. My very first day leaving I biffed it on the driveway into my car. How I dread when it snows.   

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