Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 12: Things we Love

 We have always said that the first thing we would do when we get married is get a puppy. Since I was really young all I have wanted was a dog of my own. When we lived in Cedar my dream had come true when Jeff bought me a sweet little lab puppy, but unfortunate events I had to give my Sammie away. I can't even say how traumatized I was and how much more I want a puppy now. 

One of our favorite activities is to cook together. We are pretty legit if you ask me. ha. We like to improve recipes we find and make up our own as we go. We love to make Chinese food and sushi. Jeff is more of the cook and I am more of a baker. The only problem is that Jeff doesn't like dessert...he's weird. 
Movies and Going on Dates
We love to go to the movies or watch movies at home together, especially since my mom bought our Christmas present for us early this year a 40' LCD flat screen TV. Plus we bought a bluray player together. (Don't you just love Black Friday and my employee discount) 

 I absolutely love Christmas time. I love the feeling everywhere and the lights and decorations. I think Christmas is so beautiful, but makes everyone happier. I don't care about the presents and in fact think they are a pain in the butt. I just love the family parties and the overall atmosphere.
We love the temple and all that it represents. My favorite time to visit the temple is at Christmas time. It is absolutely amazing, but best of all the represent what Christmas is really about which most people seem to forget.

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