Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 1: Recent Photo and 15 Interesting Facts

Okay so we suck at taking pictures and this is the most recent picture we could find and I hate it.

15 Interesting Facts
  1. We texted off and on for 3 months before we actually ever met, and Jeff thought I was a different Katie.
  2.  I speed ten times more than Jeff and have never even been pulled over...Jeff has been pulled over too many times to count.
  3.  Jeff only likes banana's plain (can't be in anything) and I will only eat a banana if it is in something and is disguised.
  4.  We have pretty much have bought all our furniture over the last 3 years for when we get married. Including our latest purchase of a 40 inch big screen TV and bluray player. We couldn't pass up black Friday deals, plus tons of coupons, and my employee discounts. Still Jeff is spoiled.
  5. My biggest pet peeve in the world is: people who chew with their mouth open. Jeff does it all the time when he is watching TV.
  6. My favorite thing Jeff does is this look he gets sometimes that makes me blush and melt at the same time. I think Jeff's favorite thing I did/do is when I laugh or smile I sometimes stick my tongue slightly between my teeth...weird I know. 
  7. We are both VERY is usually always the reason we bicker. 
  8. Jeff has secretly admitted to me he likes the One Tree Hill Series (so not kidding). I am slightly obsessed with Harry Potter (sad but again true.)
  9. We want 4 children and we have named them.
  10. We will most likely have multiples....why you ask? Our families are flooded with twins. Wish us luck!
  11. Our guilty pleasure is watching other people in pain. We loved to watch Wipe Out. 
  12. My dream vacation is to go to New York City during Christmas time. Jeff's dream vacation is to go to Jamaica or somewhere in the Caribbean.
  13. We both have switched our majors/career paths twice. 
  14. We often accidentally wear matching outfits, (it could definitely be considered matchy matchy most of the time).
  15. When our kids are older we want to adopt or at least be foster parents.

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