Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 2: A Really Good Memory

Well it didn't take long for me to fail... 24 hours. In my defense I haven't had internet, because of moving until tonight. Its been a crazy weekend filled with boxing...unboxing..and reorganizing. I hate moving and I can't help but dread moving AGAIN in 6 months. Dang it. Jeff has been amazing and has been patient through my meltdowns and keeps me grounded. He has been such a huge help and its so sweet to see him care about my family. Anyways I really appreciated everyone who helped us move, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Okay a really good memory... So many come to mind, but I really wanted to think of one about Jeff and I. I think my favorite memory is from a long long time ago when we were watching the fireworks at Lagoon. My family has always gone to Lagoon and watched fireworks since I was a very little. We went with my family and I invited along Makaela so I think this was about a year after we had been dating. It really wasn't anything out of the ordinary for a 4th of July night that makes it stick out in my mind. Its special to me and sticks out in my mind, because it is the first night I can remember being so happy and in love. These are pictures taken from that night by Makaela. The first picture is our favorite set we've ever taken and we plan to hang it in our house.

 That memory doesn't have a lot of substance so I wanted to share one more: Bountiful Senior Prom 2007. Boys are horrible planners, let's just start off by saying that. The night before prom the boys still had absolutely no idea what was going to happen ... no dinner reservations, no activity plan, nothing at all. Finally at about 10 o'clock at night they decided that we will go bowling since it is supposed to rain and all the girls have hair appointments in the afternoon. I was told to be ready at around 10:30am, but I get a call at 9:00 to be at Jeff's house, because they decided they wanted to go 4x4 wheeling at the Garf ranch in Park City, even though it was snowing and freezing. We show up no one is there and everyone is running late. When we finally get going on the way up to the ranch one of the seats flies off on the freeway. (Side note...we still did not have a reservation anywhere)I called my mom to find out where we could go for dinner. Well it was freezing and all the girls decided we wanted to stay in the warm HUGE cabin and go explore. We found board games including Candyland and a card game called rock paper scissors. Ben and Jordan went out first and came back covered in mud and when all the other boys went out they were about 20 minutes away on a trail when the 4x4 wheeler he was riding ran out of gas (did I mention they forgot to fill them up before we left Bountiful.) By the time they got him gas it was about 3:30 and all the girls had to cancel their hair appointments.

The boys gave us Richard's car to drive and gave us directions on how to get home. We left and found out the hard way there was no gas in the car and none of us had money to get gas and they sent us towards Kamas instead of Salt Lake. They had to drive us down a card to pay for gas, which we filled up at the only place in Kamas and I called my uncle to give us directions on how to get home. We got home at about 5:30 and were all supposed to meet at Jessica's house by 6:30p for pictures and to leave for dinner. Fortunately, Richard had connections and we got reservations at place in Salt Lake that none of us had even heard of, but it was delicious. We got to the dance way late and if Jordan's mom hadn't have been working the photo line we never would have danced or got pictures. We ended up butting everyone for pictures and spent 2 hours dancing. It was the craziest and most disorganized day of my life, but it was so so much fun. Boys suck at planning.

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